A Sad Day in Canada | Climate Change Bill C-311 | Motion Defeated

Please distribute widely.

Pursuant to the urgent appeal sent out the other day.

Thanks so much to each and everyone of you and to everyone else across the country who worked to get Bill C-311 moved up on the agenda of the Environment Committee.  We had hoped to have the motion voted on in public , so that everyone could hear the reasons why or why not various parties would support dealing with climate change at committee, but the Conservatives voted against it, and the Liberals refused to vote, leaving only the Bloc and the NDP in favour, but without enough votes.

The Committee then went in-camera, and was forced to suspend before voting on the issue.  When the committee resumed yesterday afternoon, in spite of our best efforts and without the support of all of the opposition, the motion was defeated.

Although the bill remains on the agenda for June 16 and 18, the risk that it will be bumped off remains, and it now appears unlikely that it will be considered by the House before the Fall session at the earliest.

This is very disappointing, given the fact that the US government is studying their own climate change bill as we speak, and that Canada is still missing any real plan as we head towards Copenhagen.

We will of course keep in touch, and we sincerely trust that you share with us the desire to do whatever we can, together as a community to get some significant action on climate change!

If you should find yourself so inclined after digesting this profoundly negative action from this committee to call some of them and ask them how they voted, why this had to be done in secret, and most importantly, why they are sitting on a committee such as this when their passion is not protecting us from the consequences of climate change please do so.

We would be very interested in being apprised of the conversations you have with these elected officials. If you are interested in working with us on our goal to prompt some of our elected officials to appropriately address the climate change challenges at all levels of government, please contact us.

The contact information for the committee is below.

Members of the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee






~ by Cory Morningstar on May 29, 2009.

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