The first ever comprehensive report documenting the global impact of climate change on human society today

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Human Impact Report (pdf, 3.38 MB)
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Human Impact Report

A comprehensive report documenting the global impact of climate change on human society today

Human Impact Report LONDON – Kofi A. Annan, President of the Global Humanitarian Forum, introduced a major new report on the human impact of climate change. The ‘Human Impact Report: Climate Change – The Anatomy of a Silent Crisis’ is the first ever comprehensive report looking at the human impact of climate change.

The report was launched at the Foreign Press Association in London on 29 May by the Forum’s President Kofi Annan. Also present was Dame Barbara Stocking, Chief Executive of Oxfam GB and part of the report’s eminent Advisory Panel. Further members of the Advisory Panel include Nitin Desai Member, Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change, India; Distinguished Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), and Jan Egeland Former Director, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs; UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator (2003–2006).

The Human Impact Report is the first consolidated volume specifically and exclusively focused on the adverse impacts of the climate change on human society across the world. The report is based on the latest information and inputs from world-leading scientists on the human impact of climate change.

In order to provide an idea of the order of magnitudes of the current impacts of climate change, the report also includes estimates on the numbers of deaths and casulaties as a result of climate change, the economic costs of climate change, as well as making projections 20 years into the future.

The aim of the report is to fill a void in both a general public understanding of climate change as well as to senior policymakers.

Summary of the Report:

Climate Change is here. It has a human face. This report details the silent crisis occurring around the world today as a result of a global climate change. It is a comprehensive account of the key impacts of climate change on human society. Long regarded as a distant, environmental or future problem, climate change is already today a major constraint on all human efforts. I has been creeping up on the world for years, doing its deadly work in the dark by aggravating a host of other major problems affection society, such as malnutrition, malaria and poverty. This report aims at breaking the silent suffering of millions. Its findings indicate that the impacts of climate change are each year responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths with hundreds of millions of lives affected. Climate change is a serious threat to close to three quarters of the world population. Half a billion people are at extreme risk. Worst affected are the world´s poorest groups, who lack any responsibility for causing climate change.

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