ACTION ALERT: The Climate Change Accountability Act needs your support!

The Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-311) needs your support again. On April 1, Bill C-311 passed second reading with 141 votes in favour and 128 against. The bill has been referred to the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development for further debate, and will, at some point, be brought back to the House for a final vote at third reading.

The Act is currently on the committee’s agenda for June 16 and 18, but could be bumped off the agenda until the fall if anything unexpected comes up.

This is why we’re asking you to contact committee members using our action alert urging them to pass the Climate Change Accountability Act as soon as possible.

Action alert:

The Climate Change Accountability Act is legislation that will establish:

* A long-term target to reduce Canadian greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050
* A medium-term target to bring emissions 25% below 1990 levels by 2020

These targets are consistent with the recommendations of the International Panel on Climate Change.

To ensure a process for meeting these targets, the Act provides government authority for making regulations to meet the targets and set penalties for contravening regulations passed under the Act. It also requires the Environment Minister to prepare five year plans in meeting these targets and report on progress.

The Climate Change Accountability Act is an important step for our country in playing a positive role in the international community by committing to emission reductions. This is particularly important now in the lead up to the next United Nations Climate Change Conference (Copenhagen, December 2009), which will recommit international efforts to address climate change.


~ by Cory Morningstar on June 16, 2009.

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