Worldwatch to launch new subscription service by fall

Announcing Vital Signs Online


From the boardroom to the classroom, Vital Signs Online is an essential tool to bring your research or presentation to the next level.

Good decision making is based on hard data and insightful analysis that helps you minimize risks and maximize success. Vital Signs Online brings this together in one place, providing data over time along with concise and thoughtful analysis of the most critical global trends for business leaders, policymakers, students, and engaged citizens.

Vital Signs Online is an interactive, subscription-based system that provides hard data and research-based insights on the sustainability trends that are shaping our future—all in one place.

An annual subscription to Vital Signs Online includes:

  • Unlimited access to more than 30 sustainability trends in five categories: Food and Agriculture; Energy and Transportation; Environment and Climate; Global Economy and Resources; and Population and Society
  • Worldwatch’s highly respected, clear analysis for each trend
  • Presentation-ready charts and graphs that can be customized
  • Excel spreadsheets that allow data manipulation for instructional and comparative purposes according to personal or organizational needs
  • Full endnote referencing

Worldwatch is slated to launch this new subscription service by fall 2009.

"Vital Signs…provides the most straightforward and reliable environmental, economic, and social information available on the entire planet Earth. Vital Signs delivers…facts illuminated by contexts and interconnections, often revealing causes of the problems, and pointing the way towards solutions that work."-Michael Pastore, ePublishers Weekly

For a limited time, you can read newly updated 2009 trends as well as purchase full individual trends and datasets released last year. This offer will end when the new system is launched later this year.

~ by Cory Morningstar on July 21, 2009.

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