Premier/Ambassador Doer Adopts Bush Climate Stance

Premier/Ambassador Doer Adopts Climate Stance

September 4, 2009


Before any public knowledge that outgoing NDP Manitoba Premier would soon be Canada’s Ambassador to the US Gary Doer changed his ‘policy’ on climate change.

In his speech to the August 2009 national NDP convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia Mr. Doer (who was the first Canadian government leader to endorse the Kyoto Protocol), outlined his new position for the Copenhagen global climate change agreement.

While talking about reducing greenhouse gas emissions being "a good thing" Mr. Doer went on to say, "And whether it is the World Trade Organization, the Canada-US trading relationship or the issues of trade in Copenhagen, it will be very important that we do not have a ‘Trojan Horse’ that eliminates jobs in North America and jobs in Canada in the guise of Climate Change because India and China are not scoped in on an equal basis."

This argument was traditionally used by the Bush administration – and continues to be supported by Canada’s current government. Canada and the US continue to advocate that China and India take on binding emission cuts despite no binding emission reductions in North American climate policy.

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It is true that Canada’s global contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is relatively low compared to, say, China, India or the United States. However, per capita our emissions are much higher than most Canadians would like to admit. As Canadians, each of us is responsible for approx. 19 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year (virtually matching our U.S. counterparts at about 20 tonnes/year), while individuals in China are responsible for approx. 4-5 tonnes of emissions per year and citizens in India approx. 1.1 tonnes per person.


~ by Cory Morningstar on September 18, 2009.

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