PowerPoint Presentations | Audio | International Climate Conference 28-30 September 2009, Oxford, UK


Monday 28 September

Chair: Dr Mark New Audio

Prof John Schellnhuber

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Terra quasi-incognita: beyond the 2°C line Slides Audio
Dr Richard Betts

Met Office Hadley Centre
Regional climate changes at 4+°C Slides Audio
Prof Nigel Arnell

University of Reading
4+°C: impacts across the global scale Slides Audio

Chair: Prof Diana Liverman

Dr Philip Thornton

International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi; Institute of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, University of Edinburgh
4+°C: what might this mean for agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa? Slides Audio
Dr Polly Ericksen

GECAFS / ECI, University of Oxford
Adapting African food systems to a 4+°C world Slides Audio
Dr Reimund Rotter

MTT Agrifood Research Finland
What would happen to barley production in Finland if global temperature increases above 4+°C? Slides Audio
Mr Rasack Nayamuth

Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute
4+°C: A Drastic reduction in the renewable energy potential of sugarcane Slides Audio

4.25-6.05pm: Session 3, Agriculture, Food and Water Security 2

Chair: Prof Nigel Arnell

Dr Andrew Challinor

University of Leeds
Crop yields at 4+°C: implications for adaptation Slides Audio
Dr Fai Fung

Tyndall Centre, University of Oxford
Risked posed to global water availability by a 4+°C climate change Slides Audio coming soon
Dr Matthew Charlton

Walker Institute
Limits to adaptation: implications of global temperature changes beyond 4+°C for water supply in southern England Slides Audio
Prof Anders Levermann

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Basic mechanism for abrupt monson transitions No powerpoint will be available for this presentation Audio

~ by Cory Morningstar on October 1, 2009.

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