In English, Spanish & French:

As the climate negotiations intensify on the road to Copenhagen, a key issue

that has occupied much attention is the issue of mitigation and the

burden-sharing between developed and developing countries.

In this regard, these past few months, issues have been raised about the

Earth’s limited carbon budget and how there should be fair shares in the use

of this environmental space for enabling sustainable development. Issues of

historical responsibility, fair effort sharing and the repayment of a

climate debt have been advanced by several developing countries, including

the Heads of States of several Latin American Countries, Bolivia, Sri Lanka,

China, Algeria and others. Indigenous peoples and civil society groups have

also been highlighting this. Please see below this message quotes from the

various governments and of social movements and civil society that are

evidence of this.

These issues are key in ensuring that there is equity, justice and fairness

in any climate deal.

Many members of civil society and social movements globally have already

supported the call for the repayment of the climate debt and to advance

these calls in the climate negotiations.

Please find attached the letter as well as a primer on climate debt. The

sign on letter is called ‘Repay the climate debt’ and the primer is called

‘Climate debt’.

As the climate change negotiations are on-going, we are keen to get as many

sign-ons by as many organisations as possible, so that this can be

circulated and have an influence over the negotiations.

We look forward to you support in endorsing this sign-on letter.

Please let us know if we can add your organisation on and also do indicate

the country you are based in.

Kindly send your endorsements to Yvonne Miller at

Thank-you very much for supporting these efforts.

Meena Raman and Lim Li Lin

For the TWN Climate team


~ by Cory Morningstar on October 9, 2009.

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