FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | MPP Randy Hillier Puts Forward Climate Change Solution – STOP BREATHING


Climate Change Solution put forward by Conservative MPP Randy Hillier – Stop Breathing

***Original Message from Randy Hillier Below.

In a most outright display of disdain toward climate change action – Randy Hillier – MPP of Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox, responded to an email regarding climate change by expressing that organizers of a climate change action organization should take hold of their argument and ‘Stop Breathing.’ In a communication dated October-20-09 2:34 PM Mr. Hillier wrote to the non government organization ‘Canadians for Action on Climate Change’ a message stating the following:

“Be the first to take hold of your argument and embrace the prevention of Global warming. Stop CO2 *emmisions now – stop breathing. Randy Hillier” (*Spelling error is his)

Cory Morningstar spokesperson for Canadians for Action on Climate Change states ‘The conservative party is succeeding in distracting Canadians of the very real climate emergency that is destroying our planet and risking the future of civilization itself. This very real planet ending threat of catastrophic global warming is taken so lightly that action is successfully being portrayed by the conservatives as ‘optional’. How many times do we need to read about methane percolating out of the poles before we wake up to the harsh fact that this is one big tipping point we are crossing today, now, as we speak? Randy Hillier’s response clearly validates his parties overwhelming ignorance on climate change, as well as the parties disdain for the Canadian people fighting for our children’s very survival on this planet.”

“If ever there was a need for a non confidence vote this is it.” says Morningstar. “The conservative government’s blatant contempt for any action on climate change is irresponsible beyond belief. The entire world is beyond dangerous climate change. We all are facing a real and rapidly rising risk of total catastrophe.Mothers should be outraged. Not only are we in a car barreling full speed toward a cliff – we have our children strapped in the back seats. In our society we call this infanticide. Canada has written a suicide note and the note is signed by the conservative government. The shortsightedness and lack of vision is not only appalling, it is terrifying.”

The latest science tells us that we have to peak our emissions now and bring them back down to zero as quickly as possible. (See Climate Change Imperative below) Leading climatologists including Holdren, Hansen, and Schellnhuber are telling us we have ten years to get to zero in order to avoid the worst tipping points and GHG emissions that will commit us to 0.4C or more in the not so distant future. Eighteen months ago, no one dared imagine humanity pushing the climate beyond an additional two degrees C of heating, but rising carbon emissions and inability to agree on cuts has meant science must now consider the previously unthinkable. “Two degrees C is already gone as a target,” said Chris West of the University of Oxford’s UK Climate Impacts Programme. “Four degrees C is definitely possible…This is the biggest challenge in our history,” West told participants at the “4 Degrees and Beyond, International Climate Science Conference” at the University of Oxford last week. A four-degree C overall increase means a world where temperatures will be two degrees warmer in some places, 12 degrees and more in others, making them uninhabitable.

Recent Climate Change Imperative

Comments by Schellnhuber who ranks among the world’s half-dozen most eminent climate scientists.

His latestreport has monumental implications for the pivotal meeting in December in Copenhagen, where world leaders, must try to agree on reversing global warming in order to save humanity.

2009: G-8 leaders agreed in July to limit the global temperature rise to 2 degrees C (3.6 F) above the pre-industrial level at which human civilization developed. Schellnhuber, addressing the Santa Fe conference, joked that the G-8 leaders agreed to the 2C limit "probably because they don’t know what it means." In fact, even the "brutal" timeline of the WBGU study, Schellnhuber cautioned, would not guarantee staying within the 2 C target. It would merely give humanity a two out of three chance of doing so — "worse odds than Russian roulette," he wryly noted. "But it is the best we can do." To have a three out of four chance, countries would have to quit carbon even sooner. Likewise, we could wait another decade or so to halt all greenhouse emissions, but this lowers the odds of hitting the 2 C target to fifty-fifty. "What kind of precautionary principle is that?" Schellnhuber asked.

Schellnhuber: "I myself was terrified when I saw these numbers." He urges governments to agree in Copenhagen to launch "a Green Apollo Project." Like John Kennedy’s pledge to land a man on the moon in ten years, a global Green Apollo Project would aim to put leading economies on a trajectory of zero carbon emissions within ten years. Combined with carbon trading with low-emissions countries, Schellnhuber says, such a "wartime mobilization" might still save us from the worst impacts of climate change.

Most recently, Schellnhuber told the 4 degrees and beyond conference in Oxford: “Political reality must be grounded in physical reality or it’s completely useless.” Schellnhuber recently briefed U.S. officials from the Barack Obama administration – he states that they chided him that his findings were “not grounded in political reality” and that “the [U.S.] Senate will never agree to this”. Schellnhuber told them that the U.S. must reduce its emissions from its current 20 tonnes of carbon per person average to zero tonnes per person by 2020 to have an even chance of stabilising the climate around two degrees C. “Policymakers who agreed to a two-degree C goal at the G20 summit easily fool themselves about what emission cuts are needed,” Schellnhuber said. Even with a two-degree rise, most of the world’s coral reefs will be lost, large portions of the ocean will become dead zones, mountain glaciers will largely vanish and many other ecosystems will be at risk, Schellnhuber warned. And there is the risk of reaching a tipping point where the warming rapidly accelerates.

For further information, please contact:

Kevin Lomack | Communications | 519.872.0978

Cory Morningstar | 519.642.4890


~ by Cory Morningstar on October 23, 2009.

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