I am sure you are probably hearing about the rabble rabble that happened in the house of commons yesterday during the questioning period. As it happened, me and my close friend Jonathan were attending that session of parliament and were able to witness the wonderful effort of around 200 dedicated and courageous environmental activists, as they chanted slogans akin to those used at climate day, shouting for ends to the tar sands and indigenous rights and calling them to sign C311. It was inspiring and intense. I have written up an account of what happened from what I know thus far.

Here it is;

Today, approximately 60 citizens stood up one by one and began leading chants demanding action from the government and house of commons on subjects from climate change to indigenous rights. While the RCMP were pushing the protesters out the door and into a room before they were eventually taken out of parliament, the house was a buzz of talk from all sides of the room. While it is noted that some parliament security used some force in removing the citizens from the gallery, some law enforcement officers seemed expressed gratitude for the demonstration, and reacted professionally and amicably. Shortly after all people from the north side of the gallery were escorted out, the house returned to its proper order. The demonstration presided over all other events during today’s session of parliament and while little was spoken amongst the MPs at the time, the news media coverage the event has received is clearly evidence of its effectiveness.

Later in the session, someone from the opposition stood up and tabled a comment on the climate day event, mentioning the bill C-311 and its support in grassroots movements across Canada. This was retorted by the conservatives as being a publicity stunt for the NDP, which CBC media claims is linked with the meeting earlier that day with Jack Layton that many of the citizens that were chanting had attended. The conservative’s statement was rebutted later on by the same woman from the opposition that had spoken out earlier, with the hard facts about the global nature of Climate Day, and cited the statistics of how the events of climate day spanned more than 5000 cities in 171 countries.

All in all unfortunately, despite the interruption of parliament, the discussion focused more on Gun Control Laws, Canadian pension plan and bickering on the potential for a spring election than on Climate related issues. Later that same day, I called and left an extended message on Stephen Harper’s answering machine asking him to stand up and take some responsibility on the issue of climate policy enforcement, and I urge you to do the same; 613-992-4211.

More recently, Today the 27th of October, when Parliament was in session, a conservative member tabled a motion to charge and punish the citizens who exercised their right of peaceful protest in parliament the day before. He explained how because of the disruption in proceedings of parliament shouldn’t be tolerated. More information on this development will be available via CBC news.

–Matthew Connell


~ by Cory Morningstar on October 27, 2009.

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