Klimaforum09: People’s global climate summit


Klimaforum09: People’s global climate summit

Civil society counterpart to COP15 wants to facilitate global climate movement.

Marie Sauer-Johansen 29/10/2009 15:50

While negotiators attempt to reach a new climate deal at COP15 in the Bella Center, people from all over the world will debate how to fight climate change at Klimaforum09 in the heart of Copenhagen.

“We need a new political agreement on climate change, but to solve this problem everybody has to get involved in a process of making more fundamental changes,” says Niels Fastrup, spokesperson for Klimaforum09.

The forum will take place from December 7 to 18 and is organised by Danish NGOs and partly financed by the Danish Government.

Klimaforum09 wants to include all actors on the international climate stage and is inviting everyone from big NGOs like "Friends of the Earth" to smaller organisations like the “Veg Alliance” who sees vegetarianism as a cornerstone of the fight against climate change and fishermen from Eritrea struggling with dwindling fish stock.

“The forum is open to everybody, Danes as well as visitors from abroad. We expect up to 10.000 visitors a day during the peak period, meaning the second week of COP15,” says Mr. Fastrup.

A number of people from developing countries receive funding from Klimaforum09 to make it to Copenhagen.

“At COP15, the focus may be on the larger countries. We attempt to balance this out by paying special attention to smaller countries and under-represented people,” says Mr. Fastrup, who expects the forum to conclude in a global climate declaration to be presented to negotiators at COP15.

But can you unite climate grassroots with official negotiators?

"We plan to create a connection to the Bella Centre via a so-called ‘Forum Plenary’. We are working on an idea where NGO representatives who follow negotiations at the Bella Center will come to Klimaforum09 every afternoon and tell participants about developments and facilitate debates,” explains Mr. Fastrup.

He also underlines that Klimaforum09 is a completely peaceful event, planned in close collaboration with Danish authorities.

People confirmed to speak at the forum include Indian author and environmentalist Vandana Shiva , scientist Steven Harding and Canadian author Naomi Klein. In addition to debates and talks, Klimaforum09 will present a program of workshops, films, music, theatre and exhibitions, all free of charge.



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