FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Ontario Municipality Urges Federal Government of Canada to Act on Climate Change



Canadians for Action on Climate Change

On November 10, 2009 the Municipal Council of London Ontario signed a resolution urging the federal government of Canada to take action on climate change. Canadians for Action on Climate Change (CACC) is advocating that citizens, NGOS and other civil society groups urge other towns and cities to do the same.

READ THE MOTION HERE: Climate Change – CoL Emergent Motion Nov 09

Canadians for Action on Climate Change contacted the Mayor of London Ontario and other key city Council members last week and presented them with a proposal that they adopt a resolution following the lead of some of the largest cities in Europe and the United States. One of the reasons that the CACC is launching this campaign is because we know that municipalities are currently and will need to continue to play a key role in the overall climate change solution. We expect that city and town councils across the country will be willing to expeditiously “jump on board” with us and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) will not be far behind in endorsing a solid resolution on behalf of all of their member municipalities.

“Important issues like climate change which profoundly affect our lives and will certainly affect our childrens’, transcend party and ideological lines,” said London City Councilor, Nancy Branscombe, “this is one place where we can all work together, unified in a common purpose”

On November 4 2009, the Mayors of the largest cities in Europe ( through EUROCITIES) and the United States ( through the United States Conference of Mayors), co-authored a joint appeal, referred to as the `Stockholm Appeal on Climate Change’. The purpose of this appeal is to illustrate the desire of the signatories for the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen to reach a binding and meaningful international climate change agreement.

London Ontario’s Municipal Council’s signed resolution asserts that “a global reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and its significant contribution to the creation of greenhouse gasses is necessary to slow climate change and reduce the risks to our economy, human health, the physical environment and quality of life.” The document makes clear that the city feels that “the impacts of climate change as well as the responsibility for mitigation will fall primarily on the municipalities,” and that it is critical “that Canada has the support it needs during these negotiations [in Copenhagen]”.

“It is our hope,” said Cory Morningstar of CCAC, “that through this campaign we will indeed have a chance to find out if our Federal Government is the least bit interested in listening to what Canadian Municipalities have to say regarding their seeming lack of commitment to find the means to strike an international, legally binding agreement at COP15 next month”

“Climate change does not respect national boundaries or political affiliation” asserts Gina Barber, of the London Board of Control, “the decisions will be made internationally but the impacts and their mitigation will be local. We need partnership, not partisanship”


For more information please contact:

Cory Morningstar, Canadians for Action on Climate Change, canadiansforactiononclimatechange

Kevin Lomack, Communications, Canadians for Action on Climate Change, 519.872.0978, canadianclimateaction

Canadians for Action on Climate Change is a developing non-profit NGO of activists, academia, physicians and citizens focusing on climate change, true cost economy and relocalization. The organization seeks to provide news, reports and analysis to inform, educate and develop environmental policies for all levels of government in Canada. CCAC is committed to being part of an international movement against the destruction of our shared environment. For more information, see

Press Release Nov 12 2009.doc


~ by Cory Morningstar on November 12, 2009.

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