The 300-350 Show: Climate Justice Fast

The 300-350 Show: Climate Justice Fast

After the recent talks in Barcelona, the prospects for getting a fair deal to stop catastrophic climate change are looking slim. In response, a handful of courageous people have started a hunger strike for Climate Justice. The second half of this week’s show features an extended edit from the press conference at which Anna Keenan and Sara Svenson announced the start of the Climate Justice Fast in Barcelona on 6 November. It leaves us speechless…

The first half of the programme look at some of the ways that the poor majority world is disadvantaged in the UN climate talks and at some of the dirty tactics employed by the rich world. The South African delegation reminds us what everyone agreed to under the Bali Roadmap in 2007 and why the rich world seems intent on reneging on that. And in extracts from the UNFCCC’s final press conference, General Secretary Yvo de Boer gives his expectations on the Copenhagen deal in relation to whether it will be legally binding (no, but maybe we can tie that up next year) and whether it will be informed by the latest science (no chance).

Listen to the programme now at:


~ by Cory Morningstar on November 17, 2009.

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