ACTION ALERT: Demand municipal action for climate justice

ACTION ALERT: Demand municipal action for climate justice

Find this action alert online at:

November 18, 2009

December 7-18 marks a significant moment for needed global action on the climate crisis. At that time, representatives from 200 countries will be in Copenhagen to negotiate an agreement to address this worsening crisis.

The world needs a strong agreement that achieves deep emission reductions and advances climate justice. This means setting the world on path to 350parts per million – reported as the highest safe level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere by leading climate scientists.

Advancing climate justice includes: commitments for deeper emissions reductions by Global North countries that result in domestic reductions (no offsets loopholes), ensuring the rights of peoples affected by climate change are respected and properly included in the negotiating process and significant climate financing for the Global South controlled and managed in accordance with democratic and equitable principles including participatory planning – not by the World Bank.

Real solutions to the climate crisis must be based on democratic accountability, ecological sustainability and social justice.

There can be no doubt that the climate crisis demands urgent action at all levels of government – federal, provincial, and municipal – to make the necessary transition to a low carbon future.

At the federal level, the Harper government is taking Canada in the wrong direction. It continues to promote the tar sands, Canada’s fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. It also continues to promote Canada as an “energy super power” and an export-oriented energy strategy.

At the provincial level, certain provinces including Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta have indicated that they will send representatives to the climate talks in Copenhagen. Some provinces have been stronger than others in committing to address climate change.

At the municipal level, the mayors of the largest cities in Europe and the United States have recently co-authored a mutual appeal titled, ‘The Stockholm Appeal on Climate Change’. The goal of the Stockholm Appeal is to provide a powerful statement of intent to national governments in the weeks prior to the climate summit in Copenhagen.

Similar action is needed at the municipal level in Canada.

This is important because Prime Minister Stephen Harper has already indicated that he will not attend the climate summit and has stated that an agreement there is unlikely.


Your municipal council stating its commitment to climate justice serves as a further incentive to the Harper government to reach an agreement in Copenhagen.

Use the Stockholm Appeal on Climate Change, the letter sent to the Mayor of London requesting an Emergent Motion at the November 9 Council meeting in support of a resolution, London’s emergency resolution (the successful passage being the result of efforts by the Canadians for Action on Climate Change including London chapter activists), and the Council’s climate justice resources to draft an emergency resolution to be considered before the Copenhagen negotiations December 7-19 by your municipal council.

· Find the Stockholm Appeal on Climate Change here.

· Find the letter sent to the London city Mayor and Members of City Council calling for an emergent motion in response to the Stockholm Appeal on Climate Change here.

· Find the City of London emergency resolution here.

· Find Council of Canadians materials on climate justice at

· Find out more about the Canadians for Action on Climate Change at:

Let us know! Please contact Energy Campaigner Andrea Harden-Donahue at aharden with progress on getting your municipality to pass a climate action resolution.

Tips for getting your municipality to endorse a emergency climate action resolution:

· Why not start by preparing a resolution using these resources and then sending a letter similar to the letter sent to the London City Mayor and Members of City Council to your municipal council?

· It will be helpful to identify a municipal councillor who supports the Stockholm Appeal on Climate Change and is willing to champion the cause and introduce a resolution. They should be able to give you an idea of what type of resolution would be feasible, the types of obstacles you may face, and how you can help garner support for a resolution

· Since there is less than a month left until the Copenhagen negotiations, the resolution will need to be an emergency resolution in order to be considered in time for the Council to take a position urging our Federal Government to support the passage of an international agreement on climate change in Copenhagen

· If there are reporters with an environment beat at your local newspaper or other media, they may be interested in meeting with you to discuss your plans for pursuing an emergency climate action resolution, there are also journalists assigned specifically to municipal politics. Call the media outlets to find out who they are and ask for a meeting or some time to talk by phone.


~ by Cory Morningstar on November 19, 2009.

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