Canadians for action on climate change

Canadians to Replace Prime Minister Harper at Copenhagen

Citizens across Canada have begun mobilizing, demanding citizenry representation at Copenhagen. On November 12th the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon made a statement urging world leaders to attend the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon made it clear that direct heads of state and government involvement is essential to reach agreement on the core issues at the heart of a global climate change agreement. However, the following day Prime Minister Harper announced that he would not be participating in the global climate change summit; he has thus renounced or abrogated his right, and the right of his minority government to negotiate on behalf of Canadians. To fulfill his absence, Canadians attending the Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), have the opportunity to negotiate on behalf of Canadians and call for bold actions to address the commitments and the overwhelming scientific research that human interference with the climate system has caused an increasingly dire global emergency, and commit Canada to a legally binding Copenhagen Protocol.

As so eloquently stated by Climate Justice Fast – ‘The time is now: we must make a stand for real action on climate change before it is too late.’

We are well on our way to 6C. |

Cory Morningstar, Canadians for Climate Change who worked with Global Compliance Research Project on the petition states “The scientific research is overwhelming that the world is far beyond dangerous interference with the climate system as defined by the UN FCCC. We are now facing a real and rapidly rising risk of planetary catastrophe and therefore we are now, today, in a state of dire global emergency. The role of government is to elevate the condition of the people – not to condemn its citizens to climate amplification hell. With this petition we are sending our international community a message. The message is this: The Harper minority Government represents ‘big oil’ – not the Canadian People”.

Climate Change Copenhagen and Canadians for Actions on Climate Change’s petition is in the form of a 12-point plan to be delivered to the House of Commons in Parliament. The document strongly expresses that Stephen Harper’s refusal to attend the Copenhagen talks stands as “his admission that his minority government has no right to represent Canada, and that in his place, Canadians attending the summit will have the opportunity to present, on behalf of Canada, a list of firm Canadian obligations and to commit Canada to a legally binding Copenhagen Protocol.”

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For more information please contact:
Cory Morningstar, Canadians for Action on Climate Change,

Kevin Lomack, Communications, Canadians for Action on Climate Change, 519.872.0978,

Joan Russow, Global Compliance Research Project, GlobalComplianceResearch

Canadians for Action on Climate Change is a developing non-profit NGO of activists, academia, physicians and citizens focusing on climate change, true cost economy and relocalization. The organization seeks to provide news, reports and analysis to inform, educate and develop environmental policies for all levels of government in Canada. CCAC is committed to being part of an international movement against capitalist destruction of our shared environment. For more information, see



~ by Cory Morningstar on November 21, 2009.

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