Time to Get Real | Our first-ever global climate change petition campaign to COP15


We need to turn up the heat on the world leaders going to Copenhagen.

Hundreds of thousands are mobilizing around the world as science tells us we are well on our way to 6C … yet the world leaders of wealthy nations are still not talking about real targets or real solutions.

If COP15 can use Twitter to tell people about the negotiations, we can use the same tool to tell them what we demand for real climate justice.

Tonight we launched our first-ever global climate change Twitter petition campaign directed to world leaders attending COP15.

If you are a Twitter user, please click on the ‘Sign and tweet’ button on that page.

If not, please sign up to Twitter (it will take you only a few seconds) and then go to our petition.

‘Be that Change’ had two successful ‘Twitterstorm’ campaigns this year. The first – #pm2un in September succeeded in getting Gordon Brown to attend COP15. You can find out more about this campaign here –http://www.bethatchange.com/blogs . The blog is called ‘Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come’.

Let’s see if we can wake up the world leaders and discuss some real climate solutions.

Sign and tweet our campaign today.

Please forward this message on to your lists.

A special thanks to William Rees for allowing us to use his brilliant words within our petition. His podcast is below.

Thanks very much.

Cory Morningstar


Petition Written by Global Compliance Research Project with Assistance from Canadians for Action on Climate Change



William Rees postulates on the poignant question: "What would happen if our politicians ruled as if ecology mattered?"

William Rees, co-author of Our Ecological Footprint, is a human ecologist and ecological economist at the University of British Columbia’s School of Community and Regional Planning.

Download "The New Ecology" podcast and get the extended "What if ecology mattered?" conversation with William Rees. You’ll also learn about everything ecological – from microscopic creatures to right whales. Our podcaster, Peter Stock, even heads to the streets of Toronto to find out what ecology means to urban Canadians.



~ by Cory Morningstar on November 26, 2009.

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