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Listen to the Islands”

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Moments ago in Copenhagen’s COP15 meetings, 100’s of people lined the entry way to the main plenary to stand with Tuvalu and all small island nations or AOSIS. Moments before, Tuvalu took a leadership stance at the COP15, showing true ambition by attempting to initiate an open conversation on how the world can achieve a legally binding treaty. The mere suggestion of transparent communication or “formal contact group” was thumbed away by nations that continue back-room negotiations that are wrecking havoc on the path to achieve a real deal in Copenhagen. While entire countries like Tuvalu sink with raising sea levels, the richest countries refuse to pony up fair financing and set targets ambitious enough to avoid complete climate catastrophe.

Following the suggestion of the business as usual or the “informal talks” suggestion Tuvalu appealed for temporary suspension of the Kyoto Track of the COP15 (one of the two major tracks hey re) realizing that transparent talks in which their lives hang in the balance are essential to creating a fair and binding treaty. As the plenary came back to their suspended session the voices standing with AOSIS were there to greet them.

Over 300 lined the entry way to the main hall as delegates entered. Soon after the crowd realized that lining the hall wasn’t enough, so they encircled the entryway and chanted into the open hall. Chants of “Tuvalu, Survival” “350″ and “Annex 1, stand up” echoed through the halls. All countries should know we are here, where we stand, and realize that we will not accept anything less than a real deal. Because countries like Tuvalu can afford nothing less.

More Video and more pics soon.

Photo credit: Leon White


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