WEBCAST & FULL TRANSCRIPT of Evo’s full speech today…



Starts 2:06 hrs in

18 December 2009


Evo Morales Ayma

Plurinational State of Bolivia

“Minister, President of Conference. Thanks for letting me speak again

like other Presidents like I did yesterday. I am very worried about the

way this document is being approved by presidents who arrived at the

last minute. There are presidents who arrived a few days ago, respecting

the processes for coming to an agreement. We recognise the words of

Secretary General of UN who said that “now has arrived the moment of

everyone,” not of just a few. We denounce here that there are a group of

presidents who are deciding for a few, not for everyone, let alone

fighting for life and humanity. I share some words of presidents who

spoke this morning that we should leave proudly from this event, that

this should be about working democratically and transparently to save

lives. I also want to draw attention to the words of Obama, who said we

didn’t come to talk but to act. However if he wants to act then he

should comply with Kyoto Protocol. This is acting not talking. From this

point let all money that is spent on wars be spent instead on saving

human lives planet. This will be proof that we are here not just to talk

but to act.

What is in debate here is whether we are to live or we are to die. Are

we here to save lives or we are here to kill? The difference is very

clear, as is the issue of temperatures. I don’t have a technical

knowledge of these issues, but I am advised that an increase of 2

degrees based on current agreements would eliminate islands in the

world, eliminate snow of Andes and elsewhere. This is very serious.

People won’t accept this and will judge it.

Another key issue is the irrational industrialization by powerful rich

nations. They suggest reducing real emissions by 50% by 2050, but people

who fight for saving lives talk of 90% and 100%. This is a profound


I suggest if there are no agreements at these presidential levels, why

not submit ourselves to the people? This is the most democratic. This is

what I have learned from my short time in government: that those who

govern best are those who submit themselves to people, understanding and

listening to the peoples. This is a participatory democracy where our

peoples decide. I even suggest that in April 2010, which will be

International Day of Mother Earth, we should subject ourselves to people

through a referendum. This difference we have as presidents we can

resolve by letting people have their say about what should apply on

issues of climate change. This can avoid the internal fights, the secret

and hidden work that has been a disturbing aspect of this conference. I

don’t agree about how issues have been managed here. We need to remember

the words of the Secretary General that this conference must be of all.

We have many responsibilities but let us be very clear that we must

subject ourselves to the people. Instead of giving money to military

bases, military interventions and wars, this money must instead be

invested in saving planet earth. This will be being responsible. This

conference hasn’t corresponded to transparency not just of presidents.

We should be permanently consulting our peoples. They know the problems

and the issues. This is my experience. When we govern by submitting

ourselves to people, we get better results, creating equality. We are

debating environmental problem and climate change here. But where did it

come from? Who is responsible? And where is the responsibility? The

cause is the capitalist system. If we don’t identify and understand the

causes, we could continue debating in lots of conferences and summits,

but will never resolve issue. If we want to save lives, humanity, and

planet earth, then we must confront this economic system and thereby

save humanity.”


~ by Cory Morningstar on December 19, 2009.

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