Your concerns about TckTckTck

Dear Cory Morningstar,

We are aware that you have some concerns about the TckTckTck campaign and that you have been writing about these on the canadianclimateaction blog site and list serves including that of the Climate Justice Network. We are also aware that you have recently sent a survey to many of the partners of the Global Campaign for Climate Action which some of them have shared with us.

We are therefore writing to you directly in the hope of explaining the situation and addressing your concerns. We will also send this note to our partners and may wish to share with them any response you send to us.

First of all, we would like to be absolutely clear that the GCCA does not accept any corporate partners, and has not done so as you can clearly see from the list of partners on our web site at The press release of HAVAS that you refer to in your blog posting does not list the partners of the GCCA. HAVAS works directly with Kofi Annan and the Global Humanitarian Forum, and not for the GCCA as a whole.

It was clear from the outset that whilst the TckTckTck logo was open source, GCCA was not comfortable with corporations using the logo to ‘greenwash’ their image and therefore whilst the very nature of the campaign meant they could make use of the logo (it being open source), we would not accept corporate partners. HAVAS/EuroRSCG, in press releases in late 2009, listed companies and organizations who promoted the tck brand in diverse ways. To be very clear, the use of the open-source logo by those companies listed in the HAVAS release has not been done in association with the GCCA and those companies are not partners of the GCCA, nor has the GCCA been involved in their decision to use the logo. You are correct in saying that TckTckTck has been trademarked by HAVAS as the creators of the logo, however it must be noted that this has been done to protect its open-source nature.

You state in your survey that:

“The entire TckTckTck campaign has been created in partnership with major multinational corporations…. To have the largest climate change campaign on the planet formed, funded and shaped by the same corporate interests destroying our planet is a grave injustice to those already suffering”.

Whilst it is true that a corporate advertising agency did the TckTckTck creative work, none of the multinational corporations that you mention have ever funded or shaped the campaign’s content or direction. The content on the website is solely managed by the GCCA and the GCCA is not funded or controlled by corporations.

You also note that the policy positions stated on the web site failed to mention a baseline year for emissions reductions. We would like to thank you for pointing out this omission. There has always been an implicit recognition that we were referring to 1990 levels (as can be seen in the more detailed publications of our partner organizations). We have now amended the clause explicitly to read ‘Reduce developed country emissions by at least 40% on 1990 levels by 2020.’

In 2009, GCCA provided a powerful platform where 250 organizations and more than 15 million citizens around the world communicated together the call for a fair, ambitious and binding treaty in Copenhagen. The space provided by the collaboration allowed a diverse range of civil society partners – from trade unions to faith groups and NGOs – to work together in a unique and highly effective way on such a complex issue. We are pleased to say that this collaboration will continue, and will become stronger and more effective as we learn about each other, and the potential for this movement to make real change and create a safe and fair future. We hope that you will continue to constructively engage as we attempt to achieve this ambitious goal.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Margolis

Campaigns Director

Global Campaign for Climate Action

Letter from TckTckTck.pdf


~ by Cory Morningstar on February 26, 2010.

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