To all involved in planning the counter-event outside the carbon trade conference,
There is good news to report. I have been able to reach Dr. Hansen, and he has no hesitation in supporting the protest rally that is being organized. My hunch was also correct that – due to his extremely busy schedule – he has preferred to simply "tweak" the statement that was released in support of the Chicago protest. A copy of that revision is available in this email.

Some important details and clarification
A) You are welcome to use this statement in the press release. He has conveyed a concern that it be made clear to any members of the media that in issuing this statement he is acting as a private citizen. This point is made in the body of the statement, but he also asks that this be reinforced in any direct contact with the media. Although shorter quotes can be excerpted, I believe he has a preference for the entire statement to be kept whole as much as possible. My thinking is that perhaps the entire statement can be made available to the media as a back-up or second page for the press release itself?

B) I believe that he will try to be accessible to media should they wish to contact him, but does not wish to be listed as a contact person on the release itself. I will be in contact with Reede in regard to handling media access to Hansen.

C) Although in principle Dr. Hansen does support nonviolent civil disobedience being used to draw attention to this issue, it is to be clarified that this statement of support is presently being directed to the rally event that is not engaging in such action. I believe it is understandable that this distinction be made as he is not personally engaging in such an action and has no knowledge as to the nature of what may be planned – if indeed such is being planned at all. Such was also the case in Chicago, in that his statement of support was not issued prior to that NVCD action but rather afterward.

I am glad that we were able to reach Dr. Hansen in time for this to be made available to you for the press release, and believe it will help attract some attention. I also believe that carbon trading is in a defensive posture right now. We need to keep as much pressure on them as possible !!! With the largest carbon trade conference in the country being held in SF this year, I am very grateful for any and all energy being placed into a counter-presence. Thanks for all you are doing, and hope you are able to generate interest and participation in the event !!!
In solidarity, Gary "Spruce" Houser (Climate SOS, climatesos.org )

Here is the statement which has been formally approved:


~ by Cory Morningstar on April 9, 2010.

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