URGENT Native Warriors Without Funding for Bolivia

Native Warriors Seek Sponsors for Bolivia Summit

We’ve had no luck finding sponsors for the Native activists, leaders

in the movements, who want to go to the Bolivia Climate Summit. Please

contact the individuals below directly if you can sponsor them, time

is running out.

Native activists seek sponsors for the Bolivia Climate Summit:

–Michelle Cook, Navajo youth ambassador earlier to Iran and scholar

in New Zealand (email) cookmichelle7

–Elouise Brown, Navajo director of Dooda Desert Rock, (e-mail)

thebrownmachine@hotmail.com (Navajoland/New Mexico)

Elouise is on the front lines of the climate battle, fighting the

proposed power plant in her homeland on Navajoland. Michelle is a

vital voice for Indigenous youths globally.

–Jose Matus, Yaqui director of the Indigenous Alliance without

Borders, (email) jrmatus@aol.com are seeking financial sponsors so

they can participate in the conference. (Tucson/Sonora, Mexico) Jose

is trilingual, Yaqui/Spanish/English, and has volunteered to help with

radio broadcasts at Earthcycles. We are connecting with many Native

radio stations in the Americas to provide coverage.

–Western Shoshone Carrie Dann also hopes to go. (Western Shoshone

land, northern Nevada)

They all have so much to offer, hope they can make it.

SPONSOR NATIVE ACTIVISTS: For a complete list of 20 Native

environmentalists to sponsor, leaders in the movements, who want to go

and are without funding, contact Tom Goldtooth, director, Indigenous

Environmental Network:

TOM GOLDTOOTH: ien@igc.org

Brenda Norrell, Censored News


Censored Blog Talk Radio


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~ by Cory Morningstar on April 12, 2010.

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