Fossil-fuel Industry Influence Inside the IPCC

Fossil-fuel Industry Influence Inside the IPCC

The work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is now being reviewed by the InterAcademy Council of sciences.

Below is the link for public input to the review.

The economically motivated global warming deniers are aggressively working to have the IPCC climate change assessments further compromised by industry interests and fossil fuel producing government influence. The IPCC is already badly compromised in these respects.

The IPCC does not determine risks and does not define what would constitute dangerous interference with the climate system. The IP CC says that defining the dangerous climate change is a value judgment that only the policymakers can make … although nobody knows what that means. (The website of Steven Schneider- long time American lead author of the IPCC)

The IPCC panel is not, as we all would expect and naturally assume, a panel of scientists who are free to give their objective and expert findings, conclusions and recommendations for assessing global climate change.

Totally unqualified and undemocratically chosen government bureaucrats sit on the IPCC panel. Nothing about the assessment, no sentence and no language that can be published without all of these bureaucrats giving approval. This is unheard of in the world of science.

The IPCC scientists do not arrive at their conclusions by the weight of scientific objective and expert scientific judgment, as is the case in every endeavour of science apart from the IPCC. Every single scientist has to approve everything that is published.

Since soon after the start of the IPCC two Exxon Mobil employed scientists have sat on the IPCC panel as Exxon scientists. They have led IPCC workshops and they have been lead IPCC authors. Because of the IPCC consensus is by unanimity this gives Exxon huge power over the climate change assessments.

You’ll probably have seen the confusing IPCC scenarios by which the scientists project the fantastically wide range of temperature increases this century. The IPCC team that develops the scenarios include two scenario experts employed by Shell.

Economic oil industry interests and government influence within the Panel has resulted in the IPCC ignoring the very worst dangers of global climate change.

The world is on the brink of runaway global heating and climate disruption from the melt down of the summer Arctic sea ice and from Arctic methane carbon feedback emissions. This is a potentially catastrophic situation for all humanity and life on Earth.

However, it is not recognized in climate change policy making and negotiations because it is not included in the IPCC assessment. It is not included because the IPCC does not include the inevitable additional global temperature increases from any carbon feedbacks in its global average temperature projections. The IPCC acknowledges that these feedbacks are inevitable and that they will increase the global temperature further. This omission is a disgrace to science and is criminal negligence of the highest order.

The Arctic summer sea ice is disappearing three times faster than any of the IPCC climate change models predicted. As a result the current prediction is that the sea ice and its cooling albedo effect (from reflection of solar radiation) will be gone by 2030 and not around 2080 as the IPCC has it assessed. This loss albedo cooling effect is a most dangerous climate feedback which will accelerate the rate of global warming and has grave implications for its effect on the climate of the entire northern hemisphere.

This Arctic climate feedback is not included in the IPCC assessment projections of northern hemisphere or global temperature increase. This is high order criminal negligence.

We are absolutely committed to day to a global temperature increase of double the increase today because of the inertia in the climate system that has locked in at least another 0.6° C of heating in addition to today’s 0.8° C. This inevitable increase means catastrophe for food security in the tropical regions and in Africa.

Double today’s global average temperature increase of above 1.5° C also puts agriculture in many temperate regions and world agriculture production at grave risk. This includes the prairie grain growing regions that are still the breadbasket of the world. It also includes California. It means a permanent state of drought for the south-western United States.

However agriculture and world food security is not a priority of reason for concern in the IPCC assessment. The incredible reason for this is that the IPCC assumes that continued economic growth will result in a huge reduction in world hunger by 2080. This assumed reduction is so large that it makes the effect of global climate change will be negligible and the IPCC predicts that world hunger will only be a quarter of what it is today. This of course is ridiculous because it is fossil fuel economic growth that drives a global warming and climate disruption which is allowed to continue will devastate world agriculture. This is criminal negligence of the highest order.

Please respond to the invitation for public input on the IPCC review.

The solution to this is simple and obvious. Employees of the fossil-fuel industry cannot sit on the IPCC panel because of the obvious huge conflict of interest. Government bureaucrats should no longer be included in the scientific panel. The IPCC must be totally free of any conflict of interest and must be totally uncompromised. The lives of our children everywhere and of all future generations are at stake.

Please tell the InterAcademy IPCC review that the science of global climate change must be assessed and recommendations made objectively and independently without inside influence from the fossil fuel industry and from governments controlled by the fossil-fuel industry.


~ by Cory Morningstar on June 22, 2010.

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