The Alarm Bells are Deafening | Why the Decline of Plankton Screams ‘Climate Emergency!’

From EcoSanity:

It was a bit of a surprise how far the daytime news report above went. Reporter: "…what they found was upsetting.", "…to find out what the loss of phytoplankton could mean for all of us on Earth." Study Co-author: "It’s extremely disturbing."

But as is so often the case, they glossed past the real news — revelations that, given their catastrophic potential, are of a magnitude far beyond any oil spill disaster and *should be* on par with the imminent collision of a massive asteroid, an actual alien invasion, or the breakout of nuclear war.

Please see the VIDEO below this post.

EVERYTHING that eats ANYTHING exists because of phytoplankton in the global ocean. They are THE BASE LIFE OF ALL LIFE. Half of all organic matter on our planet. The primary absorbers of CO2 (heat-trapping gas) from the atmosphere. Phytoplankton creates every 2nd breath of oxygen we breathe.

Well, a shocking new study has concluded that phytoplankton have ALREADY DECLINED (DIED- OFF) BY 40% SINCE 1950 (most notably in the northern hemisphere) and continue to do so at an accelerating rate — ABOUT 1% PER YEAR(!) — because of the heating impacts of global warming.

Factor in:

  • tipping points, beyond which catastrophic, runaway feedback loops become irreversible
  • latency and inertia (heating we’ve injected into the system, but haven’t felt yet)
  • ocean acidification (oversaturated with carbon it can no longer absorb, toxic)
  • arctic meltdown and imminent methane time bomb release from permafrost melt
  • the threat of abrupt, unpredictable, climate balance shifts
  • the many other climate crisis extremes that have already wreaked havoc upon ecosystems the world over (storms, droughts, desertification, sea level rise, floods, fresh water scarcity, mass extinctions and biodiversity loss, forest depletion and wildfires, resource wars and mass-migration, proliferation of disease, insect infestations, more)
  • humanity continues to emit greenhouse gases from fossil fuel addiction at an accelerating rate
  • the need to transform to a near ZERO carbon global economy

~ by Cory Morningstar on August 23, 2010.

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