MUST READ | Feedback Dynamics and the Acceleration of Climate Change

A very respected analyst calling for negative emissions.

“Stabilisation of climate within acceptable levels of dangerous climate change now requires a period of negative radiative forcing before the final equilibrium is achieved. ”


Many of the accelerating and amplifying feedbacks are temperature-driven and independent of the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. These continue to increase and accelerate the rate of climate change while global temperature continues to rise, even if and when we stabilise greenhouse gas concentrations. This major systems instability is the fundamental problem that we now face. This is where the great risk factors are.

Regaining the capacity to control runaway climate change (to damp the chain-reaction) is absolutely crucial for the survival of life as we know it. It will require a much more drastic intervention than reducing greenhouse gas emissions, stabilising greenhouse gas concentrations, or even beginning to bring concentrations down in line with the degrade of sinks. Our intervention strategy will have to out-perform the amplifying, positive feedback system already operative and make certain that it continues to out-perform that positive feedback system however powerful it becomes. That is a massive challenge which constitutes a state of global emergency.

We cannot offer guarantees of economic sustainability, continuation of a consumer lifestyle, or comfortable protection of our current way of life. We have a crisis on our hands of enormous impact, requiring the mobilisation at a global level of the kind of problem-solving demonstrated in the recovery of the astronauts after the Apollo 13 catastrophe – only this time on a planetary scale.

“Modern science-based civilization is but a thin veneer over fundamental medieval notions divorced from empirical evidence” – Andrew Glikson

“We are already fighting World War III and I am sorry to say we are winning. It is the war against the earth”…..Raymond Dasmann


~ by Cory Morningstar on October 11, 2010.

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