Why is 350.org Silent on the Truly Most Important Number? That of ZERO.

Scientific Fact (IPCC 2007) : Only zero carbon can stabilize atmospheric CO2 and so limit global warming to prevent planetary catastrophe.

IPCC 2007 Assessment Science Technical Report. Question 10.3
If emissions of Greenhouse gases are reduced, how quickly do their concentrations in the atmosphere decrease?

While more than half of the CO2 emitted is currently removed from the atmosphere within a century, some fraction (about 20%) of emitted CO2 remains in the atmosphere for millennia.
Because of the slow removal process, atmospheric CO2 will continue to increase in the long term even if its emission is substantially reduced from its present levels.
In fact, only in the case of essentially complete elimination of emissions can the atmospheric concentration of CO2 ultimately be stabilized at a constant level.

The single most important and definite conclusion of the entire 2007 Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change (IPCC) assessment is being ignored. The IPCC said that only zero carbon emissions could stabilize atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. This momentous scientific finding of certainty is being ignored and so we headed for total catastrophe.

The climate change science for years has been absolutely definite on the fact that the only global carbon emissions target to stop global warming – is zero.

It is scientifically impossible for any emissions target other than virtual zero to stop global warming, climate disruption and ocean acidification increasing.

OnlyZeroCarbon.com explains how the basic climate science and the latest research on global climate change (and ocean acidification) show that total planetary catastrophe is inevitable without a planetary zero carbon emergency response.

All parties not pushing for a zero carbon global emergency response (if they know it or not) are supporting the international climate suicide pact and have written off the future of planet Earth.

The general and practically universal response to our polluting greenhouse emitting globalizing world economy is either denial or compromise. For the future of humanity there is no compromising on the basic climate science – of zero carbon – on a global emergency basis.

The climate system science is definite. To stop the global temperature and the ocean acidification rising the present catastrophically dangerous atmospheric CO2 concentrations must come down to below 350 ppm CO2 equivalent. Actually it has to be below 300 ppm C02e to reverse ocean acidification and to refreeze the Arctic summer ice.

‘350’ can only start to happen when no more carbon pollution is added to the atmosphere.

350 means little without 0 carbon to get to 350.




~ by Cory Morningstar on October 11, 2010.

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