Global State of Emergency on Food Security

The disastrous impacts of global warming and climate change on agriculture and food security is the humanitarian justice issue of all time.

Current international climate change policy puts food production – globally and regionally – into decline … yet food security is not even acknowledged to be in danger from global climate change.

Agriculture is inherently sensitive to climate..
climate change is generally problematic for agricultural production ..

(Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: A Canadian Perspective Agriculture -07)

For temperature increases more than 2.5°C (global average from pre 1900) impacts are stressful to all crops assessed and to all regions (IPCC 2007 WG2 Fig 5.2.)

Today, the humanitarian and greatest human justice issue of all time is the impact of global global warming  climate change on the food security of the most climate change vulnerable populations – numbering in the billions.

Are you aware that the current international climate change policy of allowing the global temperature to rise by 2°C will result in more than a 30% loss of maize production in the US and Africa by 2040?

Today, the greatest present danger to human survival is the multiple combined and cumulative adverse impacts of global warming and climate change on agriculture. If world agriculture fails civilization fails.

For example, are you aware that uncontrolled global warming and climate disruption will devastate maize (corn) agriculture both in the United States and in Africa under current international global climate policy (or absence of)?

Yet there is little concern for our food security under global climate change.

The website: Climate Change and Food Security clearly and concisely provides you wish the information you must know from the assessments of global climate change on food production.

These are the main ones:

o National Research Council climate change  reports 2010

o Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment 2007

o Global Warming and Agriculture: Impact Estimates by Country, W. Cline 2007

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